• Snuggle up by the Fire

    Every couple of months, I am given free reign to create a window display at my neighbour, Edward Jones.  This is a treat, as my shop lacks the beautiful accent lighting and space to create something monumental.

    As the holiday season drew to a close, it was clear that it was time to revisit the window and create a fresh look for the winter months. 


    As much as I loved the colourful sewing room I created with my grandmother's antique sewing machine (still works!) and cushions, baskets, thread bobbin vases and rug from the shop, it was time to say 'good-bye'.

    During the last week, our little village has been moving around its book collection.  With the relocation of the Village Bookshop and the Library, I think I may have had books on the brain.  Not to mention, this chilly winter weather makes me want to pick up a book from my growing personal library and snuggle up with a sari blanket around the fire place. 

    I created this little vista by borrowing a couple items: grandmother's antique chair and foot stool, a vintage trunk, luggage and vintage books and tea cups. 

    From the shop inventory I used a recycled outdoor Mad Mat, secret book boxes, a velvet pillow and a sari blanket.

    By hand I created snow flakes using book pages (that appeared to come out of the secret box) and a faux cross stitch piece that hung on the wall.

    I am having a lot of fun creating these window displays and I hope you enjoy them :)

  • Frida & Diego

    This past weekend a friend and I made the trek to downtown Toronto to visit the Frida and Diego exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  I've always been a fan of Frida Kahlo's paintings and I was pretty keen about seeing her art work in real life. 


    From watching the film and doing some more research, I learned more about the marriage and relationship between Frida and her husband Diego.  If you don't know much about either artist and are curious, I definitely suggest watching the film, if not for story then the beautiful cinematography and the Mexican backdrop (makes you feel just a little bit warmer).

    While visiting the AGO is never a disappointing way to spend a few hours, one thing I have learned from my last couple visits is to avoid going on a Saturday - the place is PACKED with bodies and tourists flooding to see the show during the last couple weeks of its run.


    In short, the show was fantastic.  It was amazing to see her artwork only a couple feet away, the colours so vivid and being able to have a glimpse into her difficult personal life through the stories told by her art work. 


    Not only did Frida create art but she was kind of a walking art piece herself, with the Mexican folk costumes mixed with the modern fashions of the 1940s; flowers and braids in her hair; the beaded jewelry and the embroidered fabrics.

    Below is a collage I created before attending the show, using items I found in the shop that reminded me of Frida's style that evoked her passion and strong character.

    Viva La Vida.  Long Live Life.

  • New Year's (Fashion) Resolutions 2013

    One of the best things about starting a new year is that feeling of another chance at a fresh start.  It can be very motivating and what better way to embrace the new year groove than by setting up goals to accomplish.  While pondering my list of goals to accomplish personally and professionally over the course of 2013, I began thinking about some style-related goals I have as well.  

    My 5 Fashion Resolutions (with pictures from my Pinterest board)
    1. Be more creative with my hair-do.

    While I have finally resolved to let my curls do their thing and let it grow as long as I can possibly take it, it has meant that there's more opportunity to experiment and add some flair to my daily style.  During the weekdays in the school year, my hair takes on a very boring and very "teacher-esque" look with a high bun, but it's time to let my freaky-hair fly on the weekends and try out some braids, updos and hair accessories. 
    2. De-clutter my closet. 

    Let's be honest, shall we?  I have a lot of clothes, wayyyyyy too many for my shoebox-sized closet (where's my Mr. Big with my custom walk-in closet?)  It's time to man-up, pair down and fulfill my philanthropic duty by passing them on.

    3. Dress for myself.
    Considering others opinions when assembling a daily outfit is likely a habit of most people.  This year things will change, it's time to style it  up; throw a proverbial curve ball into the fashion game.  After all, isn't that what personal style is all about? Be authentic, it's way more interesting to look at. 
    4. Wear more lipstick.

    I love the way it looks, especially having pale skin, it's a great way to add a some colour and look put together.  I don't know about you, but walking into the cosmetics aisle at Shoppers is a teensy bit overwhelming with all the shades - the corals, the pinks, the mauves, the reds; glossy, matte, sparkly, translucent.  Heck, I went to art school.  I studied colour.  I can handle this!
    5. Take better care of my skin.

    Skin care has always been important to me, and more recently I have been learning more about how the things I drink and eat also affect what happens on the outside.  This year, I hope to up my H20 intake and slather on the SPF regularly. 

    So, there you have it.  To sum it all up, my 2013 resolutions are: be bold, be healthy, be girly and be me.
    What are your fashion resolutions this year?  

    Happy 2013!  :)
  • 5 Things

    Sitting at my desk in the shop today, trying to come up with a great "first blog post" and thinking about my favorite fashion bloggers.  So, while sitting here amongst a growing to-do list, order forms and lots and lots of pretty shop items, I decided to come up with 5 things I love currently.  There are so many great things about fall - the colour of the leaves, yummy comfort foods, Thanksgiving with family, Hallowe'en, etc. - so here you have my 5 things I am currently loving about fall.

    1. Scarves

    My love of scarves is nothing new.  In fact, I have a small  excessive collection of scarves, from the whispy spring to the chunky hand knit variety.  For some reason I can't help but add a new scarf or two to my collection.  Right now I am really feeling the circle scarf.  Easy to throw on to add texture and interest to an outfit.  


    2. Statement Necklaces


    Sometimes when the fall weather arrives, I find myself falling into a black/grey/brown rut.  I mean head to toe, monochromatic neutrals.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when your wardrobe resembles the perpetual grey fall skies, a little colour can do wonders to your mood.  Statement necklaces give that boost of colour and brings a freshness to a classic sweater dress.

    3. Barefoot Venus' Mustard Bath

    After raking leaves or taking a windy jog along the lake, I like to come home to relax my muscles in a nice, hot bath.  Just smelling the eucalyptus, rosemary and wintergreen after sprinkling the mixture into the running water makes me immediately calm and warm.  I have a feeling the Mustard Bath will come in handy during the inevitable cold season catches up to me (knock on wood!).

    4. Great Fall Jackets


    Anyone else feel like they live in their fall jacket?  Personally, I look for the pattern, colour and little details of a jacket that are going to make me look forward to putting it on every time I go to leave the house.   Also a big fan of a great lining and a little wool to keep out the chilly gusts.


    5. A Fabulous Hat

    Keeping the warmth inside, avoiding cold ears and avoiding wind blown hair are all great reasons for having a really great fall hat.  This is often a feat for myself as hats generally don't agree with my curls (hello hat head), but when I do find the perfect one, I covet thee.

    So there you have it - my 5 Things!  Oh, wait one more...perhaps as an accessory to your accessories?

    Can't forget your warm drink.  A must for those trail walks and hikes to the beach to make sure it's still there.   Anyone know where I can find a Pumpkin Spice Latte? Mmmmm....  :)

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