• Snuggle up by the Fire

    Every couple of months, I am given free reign to create a window display at my neighbour, Edward Jones.  This is a treat, as my shop lacks the beautiful accent lighting and space to create something monumental.

    As the holiday season drew to a close, it was clear that it was time to revisit the window and create a fresh look for the winter months. 


    As much as I loved the colourful sewing room I created with my grandmother's antique sewing machine (still works!) and cushions, baskets, thread bobbin vases and rug from the shop, it was time to say 'good-bye'.

    During the last week, our little village has been moving around its book collection.  With the relocation of the Village Bookshop and the Library, I think I may have had books on the brain.  Not to mention, this chilly winter weather makes me want to pick up a book from my growing personal library and snuggle up with a sari blanket around the fire place. 

    I created this little vista by borrowing a couple items: grandmother's antique chair and foot stool, a vintage trunk, luggage and vintage books and tea cups. 

    From the shop inventory I used a recycled outdoor Mad Mat, secret book boxes, a velvet pillow and a sari blanket.

    By hand I created snow flakes using book pages (that appeared to come out of the secret box) and a faux cross stitch piece that hung on the wall.

    I am having a lot of fun creating these window displays and I hope you enjoy them :)

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