• Frida & Diego

    This past weekend a friend and I made the trek to downtown Toronto to visit the Frida and Diego exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  I've always been a fan of Frida Kahlo's paintings and I was pretty keen about seeing her art work in real life. 


    From watching the film and doing some more research, I learned more about the marriage and relationship between Frida and her husband Diego.  If you don't know much about either artist and are curious, I definitely suggest watching the film, if not for story then the beautiful cinematography and the Mexican backdrop (makes you feel just a little bit warmer).

    While visiting the AGO is never a disappointing way to spend a few hours, one thing I have learned from my last couple visits is to avoid going on a Saturday - the place is PACKED with bodies and tourists flooding to see the show during the last couple weeks of its run.


    In short, the show was fantastic.  It was amazing to see her artwork only a couple feet away, the colours so vivid and being able to have a glimpse into her difficult personal life through the stories told by her art work. 


    Not only did Frida create art but she was kind of a walking art piece herself, with the Mexican folk costumes mixed with the modern fashions of the 1940s; flowers and braids in her hair; the beaded jewelry and the embroidered fabrics.

    Below is a collage I created before attending the show, using items I found in the shop that reminded me of Frida's style that evoked her passion and strong character.

    Viva La Vida.  Long Live Life.

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