• New Year's (Fashion) Resolutions 2013

    One of the best things about starting a new year is that feeling of another chance at a fresh start.  It can be very motivating and what better way to embrace the new year groove than by setting up goals to accomplish.  While pondering my list of goals to accomplish personally and professionally over the course of 2013, I began thinking about some style-related goals I have as well.  

    My 5 Fashion Resolutions (with pictures from my Pinterest board)
    1. Be more creative with my hair-do.

    While I have finally resolved to let my curls do their thing and let it grow as long as I can possibly take it, it has meant that there's more opportunity to experiment and add some flair to my daily style.  During the weekdays in the school year, my hair takes on a very boring and very "teacher-esque" look with a high bun, but it's time to let my freaky-hair fly on the weekends and try out some braids, updos and hair accessories. 
    2. De-clutter my closet. 

    Let's be honest, shall we?  I have a lot of clothes, wayyyyyy too many for my shoebox-sized closet (where's my Mr. Big with my custom walk-in closet?)  It's time to man-up, pair down and fulfill my philanthropic duty by passing them on.

    3. Dress for myself.
    Considering others opinions when assembling a daily outfit is likely a habit of most people.  This year things will change, it's time to style it  up; throw a proverbial curve ball into the fashion game.  After all, isn't that what personal style is all about? Be authentic, it's way more interesting to look at. 
    4. Wear more lipstick.

    I love the way it looks, especially having pale skin, it's a great way to add a some colour and look put together.  I don't know about you, but walking into the cosmetics aisle at Shoppers is a teensy bit overwhelming with all the shades - the corals, the pinks, the mauves, the reds; glossy, matte, sparkly, translucent.  Heck, I went to art school.  I studied colour.  I can handle this!
    5. Take better care of my skin.

    Skin care has always been important to me, and more recently I have been learning more about how the things I drink and eat also affect what happens on the outside.  This year, I hope to up my H20 intake and slather on the SPF regularly. 

    So, there you have it.  To sum it all up, my 2013 resolutions are: be bold, be healthy, be girly and be me.
    What are your fashion resolutions this year?  

    Happy 2013!  :)

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